Reverse Vending Machine X3

RVM X3 is a reverse vending machine for plastic bottles (PET), metal cans (CAN) and glass bottles (GLASS). A compact design makes it a perfect fit for any retailer with a limited floor space. Reliable, fast and future proof.

RVM X3 is part of a new generation of reverse vending machines. It is developed using new technology that is prepared for future challenges. We are proud to launch a machine for small and medium volumes of recyclable containers with no compromise on quality, item identification or compactor technology. The machine is based on the same technology as our large RVM machines but is packaged in a compact, stand-alone, cost effective chassis which is a perfect fit for your recycling needs.


Fast Acceptance up to 60 bottles or cans per minute


Easy to use, easy to maintain


Easy to Brand due to flat sides and front


Deposit Return Scheme Scotland

  • Accepts all participating drink containers
  • Designed bespoke for the DRS in Scotland
  • Instant connection to DRS Administrators system

Designed for convenience stores in Scotland DRS

  • Proven technology created for the smaller stores
  • Accepts Glass bottles, PET plastic bottles and drink cans
  • More fractions such as drink cartons can be accepted

Scotland - Visit our showroom in Broxburn

  • We can brand your machine in your graphics in Scotland
  • Over 50 machines on stock in Scotland
  • Same day installation possible anywhere in Scotland

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