MEGA Capacity Reverse Vending Systems

RVM Mega Proline Plus

The RVM Mega with ProLinePlus has been designed for easy and convenient returns of high volumes of recyclable containers. It comes with a high-speed bulk feed and also a single feed. Its compact size keeps floor space to a minimum. Modular so it can be adapted to fit any store with the option of being expanded if needed. Easy to use, efficient and consumer friendly, it is also accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

  • Reverse Vending Machine with a high speed bulk feed and a single feed in the same machine
  • Processes up to 100 containers per minute
  • Modular system with Proline+ with up to 8 cabinets
  • Electrical hatch operation (opening and closing)
  • Accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users
  • 21.5“ touchscreen with backlight


  • Speedy, precise and efficient with 360 degree barcode reading, metal detection, shape and weight recognition
  • Up to 100 containers per minute


  • Up to 8 pallets in the systems.
  • Euro pallet size for PET, cans or one-way glass. Up to 8 pallets in the systems.
  • Optional Sdrop for refillable glass bottles


  • Easy to brand due to flat sides and front


Loyalty card reader

Optical PET sensor

5G wifi router

reVend, API connectivity

ReMotion, to customise touchscreen branding

Different options for collection bins

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