What is a Reverse Vending Machine?

Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) work the opposite way to a traditional vending machine.

Instead of putting your money in a vending machine to get a bottle of water or a drink in a can, you take your empty beverage containers back to the machine to be recycled.

When used in a Deposit Return Scheme, the machine often gives back a deposit or refund to the customer, for example in the form of a paper voucher, an e-voucher or a charity donation.

The beverage containers are sorted, cleaned and the pure non-contaminated materials are then ready to be used towards making new drink containers.

By using a Reverse Vending Machine, sometimes called the ‘pit pony of the bottle deposit system’, you are returning a bottle so it can be made into a new one.

Or, as we like to think, with a Deposit Return Scheme, you’re ‘buying the drink, borrowing the bottle’ and giving it back!

Stand Alone Reverse Vending Machines


Designed for small store formats.


Designed for stores with limited floor space.


Designed for larger supermarkets.


For larger supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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