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We were the first reverse vending provider in UK to offer digital vouchers as a payout option for container deposit schemes!


Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme

May 13th 2020

The Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of a deposit return scheme for Scotland, meaning that Scotland will soon be the first part of the UK to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers.

As part of our recycling system It will be available across all of Scotland from 1 July 2022, and will make it easier for everyone to recycle their used bottles and cans, including all drinks sold in PET plastic, metal and glass.

Video courtesy of Zero Waste Scotland


RVM Systems Reverse Vending on ITV News

Thursday 19 April 2018

Ivor Bennett visits the Reverse Vending Machine at Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf launches the first UK on-site Deposit Return Scheme as part of its “Breaking the Plastic Habit” Campaign.

RVM Systems Reverse Vending on Channel 5 News

19th April 2018

This is a reverse vending machine - it could be the future of recycling.

The deposit return scheme will give you supermarket vouchers for returning plastic bottles. Dominic Reynolds 

RVM Systems Reverse Vending on BBC Scotland News

Monday 4th September 2017

RVM Systems Managing director Niklas Engström said: "Once there is a value to the beverage container, people would like to get that deposit money back. "So that's really what's driving it and then there's also lots of environmental benefits like you don't have to use virgin materials to make new beverage containers. "There's a big reduction in CO2 in the production process when you can just recycle material. "To have a value to the beverage container is something that is understood by everyone. "You have a certain percentage of the population who will probably recycle anyhow without getting a deposit back."

RVM Systems Reverse Vending on BBC News

11 June 2019

Sainsbury’s has launched a Reverse Vending Recycling trial at its Lincoln Superstore which allows customers to return plastic bottles of any size up to 3 litres and drinks cans bought from Sainsbury’s in exchange for 5p coupons towards their shop. Up to 500 items can be deposited per customer, which means customers could save up to £25 off their shopping.

Judith Batchelar, Director Sainsbury’s Brand said, “We’re delighted to offer a new way to help our customers recycle while saving on their shop.”

The Reverse Vending Recycling trial is the latest in a line of steps Sainsbury’s is taking as part of its drive to cut plastic by removing, reusing, replacing and recycling

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme announcement

8th May 2019

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham told MSPs that the deposit would be set at 20p.

Roseanna Cunningham said: “Scotland was the first part of the UK to commit to a deposit return scheme as part of our wider efforts to prevent discarded drinks containers from ending up in our streets and seas, and is now the first to outline its design – one that is ambitious in scale and scope, and which gives the people of Scotland a clear and straightforward way to do their bit for the environment.

RVM Systems partner for the vending sector

9th September 2019

“Two and a half years ago we were watching Chris Packham on TV and the river Clyde was actually featured, with people collecting bottles and cans. We saw some Barr’s Irn-Bru bottles bobbing up and down, and we thought to ourselves – that potentially could have come from one of our vending machines so therefore we are part of the problem. Let’s become part of the solution.

Having a deposit return system will allow us to deal with materials properly.”

  • Note "Video by a campaign that RVM Systems do not support or condone"

First UK supermarket to install a reverse vending machine in-store

18th May, 2018

Friday 18 May, 2018 – Iceland today became the first UK supermarket to install a reverse vending machine in store in support of the Government’s recently announced intention to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme in England. The UK’s leading frozen food specialist continues to lead the way in reducing the impact of plastic packaging on the environment, and will be trialing the reverse vending machine in its Fulham, London, store initially for six months.

RVM Systems for large return volumes

22nd February 2020

RVM Systems - Through the wall solution for large return volumes.

We have over 34 years Reverse Vending Experience and work in most Deposit Return Schemes globally.

Visit our large showroom in Broxburn, just ten minutes away from Edinburgh Airport

Installing a "through the wall" Reverse Vending System

Time delay video showing the installation

RVM Systems - Through the wall solution for large return volumes.

We have over 34 years Global experience in the Reverse Vending Sector.

There are over 5000 RVM Systems installed in Deposit Return Systems in Norway,Sweden and Finland.

We design and install RVM Systems. We are the UK leaders in the Reverse Vending Sector, we have our own trained engineers in the UK.

Reverse Vending Machine in the Family Shopper store in Blantyre .


Mo Razzaq installed an RVM Systems Reverse Vending Machine in his Family Shopper store in Blantyre at the end of 2018.

Note "Video taken by a campaign that RVM Systems do not support or condone"

Scotland’s deposit return scheme voted through

29th of April 2020

On the 29th of April 2020 the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee voted through Scotland’s proposed introduction of a national deposit return scheme (DRS).

The regulations will now be subject to a vote in the Scottish Parliament, after which the scheme will become law