2 Million used drink containers recycled at one store in Scotland!

RVM Systems presented an award to Morrisons East Kilbride store.

Barry Watson from RVM Systems presented the prestigious award to Lewis Wilson from Morrisons East Kilbride Store to recognise that Morrisons Lindsayfield store recycled over 2 million used PET plastic bottles and used drink cans since 28th July 2018 , made up of 1,005,919 bottles and 994,081 cans !

Barry Watson from RVM Systems presented the prestigious award to Lewis Wilson

Reverse vending machines reward individuals for recycling by providing money or vouchers in return for empty plastic bottles. The machines accept all plastic bottles that have a barcode and Morrisons own-brand bottles (multi-packs) that may not have one.

Customers, who are invited to provide feedback, can return a maximum of 20 bottles a day and receive 50 Morrisons More points in the form of a coupon for each one brought back, which can then be spent in store.

The RVM Systems Reverse Vending Machines are very popular

Morrisons are trialing the RVM Systems technology at the store to assess the impact on store staff and explore customer behaviour. The trial has received a 100% positive feedback from store staff and customers.

The Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland will start in 2021

Scottish Ministers have announced legislation to establish a Deposit Return Scheme which would enable consumers to take single-use containers back and redeem a 20p deposit from any retailer selling drinks covered by the scheme, including plastic bottles made from PET plastic, aluminium and steel cans and glass bottles.

The regulations for Deposit Return Scheme are subject to the super-affirmative procedure, and will be laid in Parliament for a 91-day consultation period. This will allow industry experts, interested stakeholders and MSPs the opportunity to comment on the details of the regulations and allow us to refine the legal approach further– this follows on from a consultation in 2018 on the overarching principles.

You are able to “Have your say” on the proposed Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland >> https://consult.gov.scot/environment-forestry/deposit-scheme-for-scotland/consultation/subpage.2016-07-07.1474135251/

Zero Waste Scotland are designing the Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland https://depositreturnscheme.zerowastescotland.org.uk

The same store in East Kilbride recently won an award for recycling over 1 million used drink containers with just one Reverse Vending Machine